TV Rheinland: State-of-the-art exhaust laboratory starts operating

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TV Rheinland: State-of-the-art exhaust laboratory starts operating

Exhaust and pollutant measurements are not just a topic for test companies like TV since the diesel scandal. With a modern high-tech system, the TV Rheinland has brought the technology center Lambsheim up to date.

"The reason for the conversion was the new EU WLTP regulation," explains Jiri Vejsada, head of the exhaust laboratory at the Lambsheim Technology Center. A modernization of existing technology was not possible due to the new requirements, so that a complete exchange of the test had to be made. Several million euros have flowed into the system, so that it is fit for the future.

On behalf of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the specialists of TV Rheinland carry out exhaust and pollutant measurements as well as measurements of fuel consumption and – in the case of electric cars or hybrids – energy consumption values. On the one hand, this may include the review of new developments, but may also extend to vehicles already approved by the KBA.

The areas of application for a laboratory as in Lambsheim are varied: Legal opinions in disputes about the consumption values ​​are also part of the area of ​​responsibility of the engineers. 30 specialists work in the technology center near Frankenthal.

In addition to the laboratory tests on the exhaust-gas roll test stand, which all take place at 23 degrees Celsius and around 45 percent humidity, the WLTP procedures in force since 1 September 2017 also include measurements under real conditions. Here, among other things, specifications regarding the duration of the test drive, but also, for example, the height meter to observe, explains laboratory chief Vejsada. A ride takes just over 90 minutes, depending on traffic – it can not be shorter than one and a half hours, otherwise the entire exam, which consists of numerous exam points, is "invalid" – invalid.

The specifications are so strict that customers are provided with realistic data, for example with regard to consumption and CO2 values. Consumer protection is in the foreground, so regulations have been developed for the EU. For the test drives, the engineers of TV Rheinland install the so-called PEMS on the vehicle, the "Portable Emissions Measurement System", which collects data within the specified frame while driving.

The TV Rheinland remains true to its founding idea: as a neutral third party to ensure security and transparency and to help refine existing technologies.

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