Verschiebung von kommenden Änderungsjahren möglich

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic is probably to be expected with shifts of dates of all the upcoming Changes in April and may, what all the first of the compact models, as well as the revised E-class should meet.

Not only are compact models affected

The towards the end of April 2020, the expected dates for the change of the year 20/1 in the compact models, you will – in all likelihood – due to the current Situation can’t hold. The hits, the models of the A-class sedan (V 177), B-class (W 247), as well as the CLA coupe CLA Shooting Brake (C/X 118), what are we to 23. April 2020 had expected. Thus, inter alia, the B 250 e series 247, as well as the CLA 250 e well not in April 2020 can be ordered.

The change of the year 20/1 for the S-class Cabriolet and Coupé (A/C-217) in April 2020, is also still questionable.

Postponements for April and may

In mid-may the approval for the change of the year 20/1 of the E-class sedan, T-model, as well as parallel also as a coupe and Cabriolet was to be expected, what concerns here at the same time, approval for the model of care. Here, too, we expect a shift in time according to the back. Similarly, the change of the year 20/1 for the CLS Coupé (C 257) is moved to the well-being of Mercedes-Benz.

Currently ignored by the market launch for the E-class sedan and T-model in the series 213 in 3 should. Quarter, as well as for the Cabriolet and coupe in the 4. Quarter of the current year be secured.

GLE series is probably just as affected.

At the beginning of may, we had planned the change of the year 20/1 for the GLE and the GLE coupe, as well as the GLS series 167, which could move as well. The hits may be the planned market launch of the GLE coupe within the 2. Quarter of 2020. Similarly, the G should be affected here-class (W 463), as well as the AMG GT to be a series, we had the same with a change in the year (and then also with Changes in the engines) at the beginning of may expected.

GLC and C-class will get change year 20/1 only in July

No Changes by the way the EQC (N 293), for the currently, there is no change in the year is pending. For the GLC or the GLC coupe a change year, 20/1 is expected to be until July 2020, which is also the case for the C-class model series 205.

Confirmations, postponements are not available, by the way, due to the production and mostly the government shutdown, we anticipate strong so that you can a variety of scheduled and planned appointments for April and may as well no longer hold.

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