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Vintage Rings: The History of Diamond Engagement Rings Through the Decades

Vintage Rings: The History of Diamond Engagement Rings Through the Decades

history of diamond engagement rings

Did you know that diamond engagement rings have a long and interesting history?

Even though the practice has become more formal, there is much lore behind the ring. The story of diamond engagement rings involves their designs and purposes are ever-changing based on societal events.

This article will focus on the history of diamond engagement rings. So if you are interested in learning more about it, keep on reading and you’ll discover why they prove to be such a beautiful and meaningful gift.

The 1950S – The Popularity of Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy-cut diamond rings are crafted into unique shapes like emeralds, hearts, radiances, marquise, and ovals, as well as twists and roses. It is something special, and the cut of each stone ensures that no two diamond rings are ever the same. Also, the way they reflect light and the way they shine makes them the perfect symbolic representation of eternal love and commitment.

1970’s – The Introduction of Colored Gemstones

In 1970, the jewelry world saw the introduction of colored gemstone diamonds in engagement rings. By opting for these beautiful stones, you could show your style and commitment to a lasting relationship. The rings themselves came in a variety of prices, sizes, and shapes, offering something for everyone.

With the added color of the gems, the rings themselves had an extra level of dimension and depth. Whether you will choose a classic solitaire in a fiery ruby or a bright blue sapphire, they could show off a highly personal expression of love. These stones added a unique sparkle to the moment and continue to be popular to this day.

1980’s – The Creative Use of Multiple Stones

The creative use of multiple stones in diamond engagement rings began as a trend in the 1980s. Engagement rings began featuring two diamonds side by side, often of different sizes and shapes, for a striking effect. This trend was a reflection of the changing lifestyles of the public.

As people’s tastes changed and evolved, so too did the jewelry designs that they were wearing. The design of the ring can be classic, modern, or anything in between, and may include one, two, three, or even more stones set against a single band.

Often, the rings feature a more ornate design, such as a trio of round cut diamonds, or a glistening half-eternity band with many stones set in a graduated pattern. And if you’re interested in this type of diamond ring, you can shop for rings here, for a large selection to find the perfect one.

The 2000s – Sustainable Options

In the 2000s, more sustainable options in diamond engagement rings became popular. Consumers began to research and were more aware of the origin and eco-friendliness of the diamond that they were purchasing.

Synthetic diamonds rose in popularity as they do not use the natural resources that real diamonds need. They are made of carbon, grown in a laboratory, and are identical to natural diamonds. They have the same physical and chemical properties.

History of Diamond Engagement Rings: Which of These Do You Prefer?

After knowing the history of diamond engagement rings, the symbol of love and devotion is here to stay. Whether it’s traditional, modern, or vintage-inspired, the significance of the engagement ring is timeless and each type brings unique appeal.

It’s up to you to decide which one to choose from, simply based on personal preference. Take the time to explore each style and determine which design speaks to you the most.

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