Volvo connects freight traffic – the environment

Volvo connects freight traffic - the environment


Now we finally know it: Autonomous vehicles are female and under the sign of the "V" on the way. However, the letter should not be reminiscent of a sci-fi cult series, but in this case it stands for Volvo's mobility of tomorrow. And the latest vision of the Swedish manufacturer just has a women's name: "Vera". And what does this lady do?

"Vera" is an electric, connected and autonomous vehicle from Volvo Trucks and part of an integrated solution for the transport of goods from a logistics center to a port terminal in Gothenburg. The development is the result of a collaboration between Volvo Trucks and the ferry and logistics company DFDS.

The aim of the collaboration is the practical use of "Vera" in a networked system that enables a continuous flow of goods from a logistics center to a port terminal and from there to the whole world, explain the strategists of Volvo Trucks. "Vera" is designed for the transport of large quantities of goods with high precision over short distances.

"We now have the opportunity to test Vera in an ideal environment in the field and to further develop its potential for similar applications," says Mikael Karlsson, vice president of Autonomous Solutions at Volvo Trucks. The goal is to realize a networked and tower-controlled system of several Vera vehicles. The aim is to achieve a seamless and constant flow of goods in order to react quickly to changes in demand and to increase efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

"We want to be at the forefront of connected, autonomous transportation, and this collaboration will help us to develop an efficient, flexible, sustainable and long-term solution for autonomous vehicles that arrive at our gates – for the benefit of our customers, the environment and our business "says Torben Carlsen, CEO of DFDS.

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