VW T7 does not come as an electric van



VW's recently expanded e-mobility initiative includes not only electric cars but also vans and commercial vehicles. The 2020 coming, completely newly developed Transporter T7 will be different than planned but not in a battery variant.

The group has decided to build the T7 only as a pure gas and semi-electric hybrid, reports the Wolfsburg General, The reason for this are bottlenecks in development. The expected market potential is also likely to play a role: the T7 should run only in a small number of 25,000 units in five years from the tapes.

According to the participants of a company meeting of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN), the decision of the executive board meets with high-ranking managers for lack of understanding. "As responsible for the brand I do not agree that the completely battery-powered T7 will be deleted from the program," they quote VWN CEO Thomas Sedran.

As set at VW with a view to Groß-Stromer apply the introduction of an electric version of the further offered T6. The next facelift of the current "Bulli" – the T6.1 – is expected soon with battery capacities of up to 77.6 kWh more than 400 kilometers range according to NEDC standard.

From 2022 comes VW's new electric pickup truck flagship I.D. BUZZ on the market, which will also be available specially equipped for companies. For customers with a need for more storage space and payload VW plans the 3.5-ton e-Crafter and electric trucks.

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