Weitere CLA Motorisierungen in Sicht

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For the new CLA series 118 you will offer in the future, additional engine variants, whose sales were expected to release, we actually in April. So just a CLA 200 d as a switch, but for the coupe (C 118) other 4MATIC variants will not come.

CLA coupe and CLA Shooting Brake, also CLA 200 d with manual transmission

For the CLA coupe and the CLA Shooting Brake, we expect to change in the year 20/1 the CLA 200 d with a manual transmission (which is also to be expected for the B-class). Similarly, Mercedes-Benz for the Coupé, the CLA 200 d 4MATIC and the CLA 200 d 4MATIC with OM 654 q 4-cylinder Diesel engine with all-wheel drive 4MATIC new deal with record.

CLA 250 e: sales release on the 23. April ?

The extent to which it will offer the CLA 250 e in parallel with its release for Sale, we also 23. April 2020 had expected, we don’t know currently. Official Details, you have to wait, however, as it will slide due to the current Situation in and around Corona, probably a lot more than just a date further back.

Icon images: Daimler AG

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