Weitere GLB Lackierungen ab 1. Quartal 2020 geplant –


For the new Mercedes-Benz GLB model to follow in 1. Quarter of 2020, further coatings, which will expand the existing paint range for the model. A further Metallic paint, and designo paint follows in 2020.

New liveries for the GLB

Paint offer is 1. Quarter of 2020 completed

For the GLB as follows in the 1. Quarter of 2020, the paint denim blue metallic (Code 667U), as well as designo patagonienrot metallic (Code 993U), which will be available for the existing paint finishes also available. For more paint colors for the GLB to follow not more. The extra charge for the Metallic paint is still present and unchanged in 892,50 Euro for the Designo paint 1.130,50 EUR.

A surcharge of 892,50 or 1.130,50 EUR incl. VAT

Thus, the two Uni for the model-paint – Polar white as well as Night black, as well as six Metallic-Paint (denim blue, mountain grey, iridium silver, cosmos black, as well as digital white and galaxy blue) can be ordered. The production of the model is still in the factory in Mexico and not in the Lead plant in Rastatt.

New liveries for the GLB

Images: Daimler AG

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