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For the choice of a suitable chassis for Mercedes-Benz often spoilt for choice – depending on the series, here is a selection of the comfort suspension to the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension available. What chassis is the matching depends not only from the wallet.

Preferences in the foreground

When selecting the appropriate chassis for the new vehicle, you should set aside his own preferences in the foreground of the additional costs. In the process of cultivation is, what is the feeling of driving it is estimated in particular:-sporty or comfortable ? Also, it is crucial, on which Terrain it is on the way. In addition to the personal costs in the framework of the energy efficiency but also, if necessary, a decisive criterion, then it should often be a modern suspension with steel springs is the better choice, since high-tech have engineered systems usually have a higher energy demand. Above all, however, is to note whether the desired technology is in the series and wish motorization available.

Comfort suspension from the factory

For those who like it comfortable and straightforward, is well in front of all the standard comfort suspension with steel-spring suspension is a good compromise between agility and comfort. Other models are equipped with a comfort suspension with selective damping system – a passive adjustable attenuation, which ensures that small bumps for a softer damping characteristics, and thus more rolling comfort. In the case of stronger shocks, the damper tuning is automatically harder and provides for more driving stability.


For sportier drivers with a preference for a more direct driving feel, the comfort suspension with lowering, depending on the series, as a rule, up to 15 mm is the better choice. The lower centre of gravity not only provides a better appearance, but also for a more agile driving behavior. Who wants to feel the road even more directly, e.g. rapid cornering, estimates that the sports suspension is the right or better choice. Here, the vehicle is placed as deep, the spring-damper tuning is designed to be sportier from the standard chassis. Who would not want to forgo for a bit of comfort, can partially equip – depending on the model – his suspension with a selective damping system.

Higher Ground Clearance

For more ground clearance and improved off-road capability, a suspension with higher ground clearance, which facilitates the entry and a comfortable seat height provides. The GLC is here, for example, by 20 mm higher, when the off-road comfort suspension in the GLA to 30 mm.

Decide for themselves ?

Who decides on yourself and on winding country roads is a more direct act of love, on the highway, but it is rather comfortable wants, should select suspension systems with adaptive damping system. Base a lowered steel suspension, where the damping is active on the respective driving modes of DYNAMIC SELECT can be adjusted. In addition, several Sensors provide a driving situation-dependent damper control – not only the road conditions will be recorded,but also the driving manner of the driver.

The steel suspension in the Overview:

  • Comfort suspension: conventional damping, passive control (comfortable basic tuning)
  • Comfort suspension with selective damping system: Selective damping, passive control (Comfortable basic tuning, selective damping ensures that small bumps for a more comfortable ride, more stable suggestions for larger Chassis
  • Comfort suspension with lowering: Conventional damping, passive control (Lower center of gravity, more agile driving behavior)
  • Comfort suspension with lowered suspension and selective damping system: selective damping (comfortable + sporty deep)
  • Sports suspension: conventional dampening (clear focus on driving agility and dynamic driving properties),
  • Sports suspension with selective damping system: selective damping, passive control (increased driving dynamics with sporty kit with a touch of more comfort)
  • Suspension with higher ground clearance: conventional damping, passive control (higher off-road ability, extra ground clearance)
  • Steel suspension with adaptive damping system: Adaptive damping, Semi-active control (damping characteristic can be selected, the driving situation-dependent adjustment of the damper)

More comfort with air suspension

With the chassis AIRMATIC and AIR BODY CONTROL, it rotates more in the air, instead of steel. The adaptive damping system ADS+ the vehicle is kept always at the same level – even at load. At higher speeds, the vehicle lowers automatically. In the case of poor road location, the vehicle level can be raised also. Using DYNAMIC SELECT, the driver can select various options, which makes the damping characteristic can be individually adjusted. In addition, the System detects the current driving situation and adjusts the damper force pro wheel automatically. In the case of AIR BODY CONTROL of a multi-chamber air suspension (three chambers in the spring struts of the rear axle to the rules, two in the spring struts of the front legs) in three stages, the hardness of the suspension.

With Active Body Control (ABS) and MAGIC BODY CONTROL adaptive dampers, and four active spring legs, each with a hydraulic cylinder that is adapted to the suspension setting automatically to the driving situation – in the case of MAGIC BODY CONTROL is even looking ahead with ROAD SURFACE SCAN. So lifting, Rolling and pitching movements can be compensated almost completely. In the curves – depending on the road curvature and speed are raised, the spring legs and lowered, whereby the suspension automatically tilts into the curve.


E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL with a globally unique technology

With the successor of MAGIC BODY CONTROL, active suspension E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL, which is based on an advanced AIRMATIC air suspension with adaptive damping system ADS+, each strut individually via an electric hydraulic pump with 48 Volt operating voltage are controlled. Thus, depending on the driving situation, speed and load – damping and level control, automatically, for each (!) Wheel are individually adjusted. Details of the chassis we already had here.)

In addition, four DYNAMIC SELECT drive programmes to choose from (Comfort, Sport, Curve, off-road), even with intensifying Plus options (depending on equipment). The SUV models are also the new driving assistance as well as a three-stage curve tilting function CURVE available.

More chassis / part with air suspension in the Overview:

  • AIRMATIC: 1-chamber air suspension, adaptive damping, Semi-active control with level control
  • AIR BODY CONTROL: Multi-chamber air suspension, adaptive damping, Semi-active control with level control, as well as Wankreduktion (triple adjustable multi-chamber air springs with better suspension spread)
  • Active Body Control (ABC): Steel suspension, adaptive damping, active control (level control with Roll and pitch compensation, as well as CURVE)
  • MAGIC BODY CONTROL: Steel suspension, adaptive damping, active control (level control with Roll and pitch compensation, as well as Preview function (look-Ahead function) and CURVE
  • E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL: 1-chamber air suspension, adaptive damping, active control (level control, Roll and pitch compensation, Preview and CURVE, and (for SUVs) – free driving assistant

By the way: the current models of the GLE, CLE coupe and GLS have the AIRMATIC suspension can not only have a lowered Rear, but also about the new washing road function.

Photos: Daimler AG / MBpassion.de /Philipp Deppe

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